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Undergoing projects

  • 03/02
  • Novinor

Infrastructure project Val-d’Or Industrial Park

The Corporation de développement industriel de Val-d’Or is proceeding with blasting and gradi...

  • 27/01
  • CHVD

Project – Sévigny Street

Corporation d’habitation de Val-d’Or Corporation Habitation Val-d’Or completes constructio...

  • 27/01

Project – Infrastructure at the Val-d’Or Airport Park

Val-d’Or Airport Development Council (VDADC) The Val-d’Or Airport Development Council is...

  • 09/02
  • Novinor

Project – Novinor innovation zone (Novinor)

Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation (VDIDC) VISIT NOVINOR WEB SITE HERE The project has be...

Because the industrial development of Val-d’Or
never rests.

With the objective to support businesses in their pro-activity, the Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation does its utmost to address all the issues of the territory.

Economic development is now considered globally and in all its dimensions, which requires us to constantly renew our growth models.