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May 24, 1967

The first “Val-d’Or Industrial Development Commission Inc.” was incorporated on May 24, 1967:

  • Wilfrid Sabourin – President
  • J. Armand Brassard, Eng. – vice-president
  • Gilbert Bossé, insurance agent – treasurer 
  • Roger Roy, pharmacist – administrator
  • Claude Bienvenu, industrialist – administrator
  • Jean-Paul Bérubé, industrialist – administrator.
  • Florent Houde, industrialist – Director
  • John-Mark Ferderber, industrialist – Adm.
  • Léo Vanasse – administrator

On April 11, 1973, the “Commission de développements industriels de Val-d’Or” became the “Corporation de développement industriel et commercial de la région de Val-d’Or”.  In English: “Industrial Promotion Corporation of Greater Val-d’Or“.

Industrial Park history


In the 1940s, Val-d'Or established its first industrial park along the railroad tracks, in the area of what is now Turcotte Street (formerly Harricana). A new generation of entrepreneurs, inventive and daring, resolutely oriented towards the transformation industry, radically changed the industrial face of Val-d'Or and ensured its enviable dynamism.


In 1967, the Val-d'Or Industrial Commission delimited part of the space occupied by the current Industrial Park, on the northern edge of the railroad tracks, east of the old Lake Blouin Road. The first occupants were the workshop built by Gaston Fournier in 1970, followed by the Forex lumber finishing plant, the Vic Canteen, Héli voyageur and BAB Métal.


In 1973, two major establishments: the Quebco sectorial house factory and the Forex-Leroy chipboard factory. And so, year after year, the expansion continues. In 1977, more than 800 workers used the Industrial Park road every morning.


To speed up workers transiting through the park and the good transportation, the bypass road that surrounds the main industrial sector of Val-d'Or was built and developed in 1981.


In 1982, the Park generates 1700 direct jobs.


In 1991, 120 businesses were located in the Park. After a period of slowdown, the development of new zones began. To improve traffic flow, four traffic roundabout were built along Tétrault Boulevard, with the main junction on Jean-Jacques Cossette Boulevard.(Source : Société d’histoire de Val-d’Or)


The year 2008 marks an important milestone in the history of the Val-d'Or Industrial Development Corporation. The Northern Mining Transit Centre project was launched at the Val-d'Or regional airport. As a focal point for mining development north of the 50th parallel, it will become a major economic driver in Val-d'Or history.


The year 2009 marks the beginning of the Corporation de développement industriel de Val-d'Or's role as project manager for urban infrastructure projects with the Roland-Massé Street project.


In 2017, on its 50th anniversary, the Val-d'Or Industrial Development Corporation began its second half-century with goals that go beyond its industrial park. The Corporation has set up two non-profit organizations that it will oversee and that will add to its offer of services for the economic and industrial development of the city. The two organizations in question are Corporation Habitation Val-d'Or and the Val-d'Or Airport Development Council.


In 2018, the Corporation has set up two non-profit organizations to oversee and provide additional services for the economic and industrial development of the city. Those two organizations are Corporation Habitation Val-d'Or and the Val-d'Or Airport Development Council.


In 2021, the CDIVD adds the name "Novinor innovation" under the Corporation de développement industriel de Val-d'Or. Novinor innovation aims to bring together the economic and social actors of the Vallée-de-l'Or in a vision of regional development focused on innovation and the knowledge-based economy.