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About us



With a recognized experience in the industrial development of Val-d’Or, from its visionary character, the CDIVD is able to analyze the sectors, the demographic movement and foresee opportunities or challenges in future projects.


The CDIVD knows how to acquire the means to execute and carrying through projects that support the economic future of Val-d’Or and the region.


To ensure sustainability of economic activities in its industrial park and airport sector, the CDIVD is the guardian for a continuous evolution of the expertise on the territory.

It supports and promotes the development of its industrial sector, while sharing transparent and productive information.

The result can only be economic and demographic growth by the development of our entrepreneurs in their projects.

The Organisation

The Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation (VDIDC) is a non-profit organization which originates from the Val-d’Or business community. It has two main objectives: to grow the Val-d’Or Industrial Park and to ensure the growth and sustainability of our industrial companies.

It oversees the Val-d’Or Airport Development Council, also a non-profit organization created in 2018 with the objective to develop the Val-d’Or Regional Airport through its activities and its Airport Park.

Under its aegis, it also administers the Val-d’Or Housing Corporation in a mandate of the Corvée habitation de la ville de Val-d’Or which objective is to counter the current housing shortage phenomenon.

Finally, the VDIDC is a stakeholder in the economic development of Val-d’Or.

Through its complicity with the City of Val-d’Or, it provides management for different projects with an impact on the economic development, such as the innovation zone project in Val-d’Or.


To initiate and to support all project with a structuring economic character located on Val-d’Or’s territory.



Val-d’Or as become a focal point in economic development by creating an expert, dynamic and productive community that is aware of the importance for the knowledge-based economy.


The CDIVD primarily and foremost objectives is in the best interest of the Val-d’Or community.

It shares a medium- and long-term vision of its community’s economic future and does its utmost to achieve the objectives of this vision with integrity and collaboration.  It secures a freedom of action to assume leadership in its fields of expertise.


Jean-Yves Poitras

Louise Therrien


Bureau: 819 825-5848 ext. 6025

Mobile: 819 355-3685

Richard Voyer


Bureau: 819 825-5848 poste. 6025

Mobile: 819 856-5464


Board of Directors

Benoit Sigouin,

Land Surveyor,


Claude-Etienne Fournier, ing


GDF Investissements

Christian Tinor-Roy



Construction Trem-Nor

Etienne Létourneau, MBA

President Ex-Officio
Engineer, MBA

Mine Odyssey

Yves Boucher

Transportation chief

Fournier et Fils

Sophie Lapierre B.A.A., Pl. Fin.

Private Banker

Banque Nationale

Gino Lévesque

Finance director
Financial director

Technologies Élément

Antoine Nolet-Godbout


Cliche Avocats

Jean St-Jules

Representative, City of Val-d’Or

Ville de Val-d’Or

A word from the Commissioner

Val-d’Or is a bustling industrial city with an industrial park and an airport park both known to be major economic boosters for Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec and beyond. With 212 dynamic and prosperous businesses, the Val-d’Or industrial park is a first-rate economic environment.  The mining and forestry industries, as well as the northern region, are part of Val-d’Or’s daily economic life.

The crossroads of the Trans-Canada Highway and the road to James Bay make Val-d’Or a strategic destination.

Val-d’Or stands out for its road, rail and air intermodality. Val-d’Or is well suited to bring these modes of transportation together and make them work well together.  The proximity of the community and its businesses creates a productive and harmonious complicity.

Val-d’Or supports its businesses with quality living environments adapted to new realities.  It is a “land of welcome” for dynamic and innovative companies.

Welcome to Val-d’Or,


Jean-Yves Poitras

Industrial Commissioner

A word from the president

Knowing how to adjust to current situations and to foreseeable challenges, is the visionary character of the Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation.  The challenges we face represent the reality of our businesses.  Workforce, housing, training, childcare are challenges in which we believe we have a role to play.

Our long-term vision focusses on a knowledge-based economy and the optimization of our human capital through innovation.  We are driven by the desire to ensure that we leave a bright future for the next generations, ensuring a quality of life and a quality life in a vibrant and attractive Val-d’Or.

Val-d’Or’s economy of tomorrow is on the path that we are laying out today. This vision motivates us in our current and future actions.  The Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation wishes to remain a first-rate business propeller.


Etienne Létourneau


A word from the mayoress

A unique city open to the world!

Founded in 1935 on Anishnabe territory, Val-d’Or is the gateway to Abitibi-Témiscamingue.  Its young, exciting and even surprising history makes Val-d’Or a unique city that stands out by its sustained development.

Just as in its early days, Val-d’Or is a city open to the world and focused on the future.  Innovation, hospitality and inclusion have defined the city”s identity, which today has a population of approximately 33,000 souls.

Both peaceful and active, the Valdorian living environment offers all the services of large centers, without the inconvenience!  Citizens appreciate the varied and modern municipal facilities that promote a healthy lifestyles.  One can enjoy the outdoors just minutes away from home or the vibrant city life with its numerous activities.  Combining culture, history, business and nature, Val-d’Or is a city to be discovered.

Valdorian businesses benefit from a solid synergy established between partners in the area.  This particularity is enviable and recognized in the community and outside our borders.

The mobilization is a well rooted reflex in Val-d’Or and, as mayor, I intend to build on this great strength.  Pride and resilience are also part of our DNA.  As dynamic and welcoming city, Val-d’Or is one of the best places to do business in Quebec and Canada.

Together, we are building a successful future where life is beautiful!

Céline Brindamour

Mayoress of Val-d’Or