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Infrastructure project Val-d’Or Industrial Park

  • 03/02

The Corporation de développement industriel de Val-d’Or is proceeding with blasting and grading of seven (7) lots in the Séguin Street sector.  As a result of blasting and moving over 60,000 tonnes of rock, CDIVD has already been able to sell 6 of these plots.

Along with Uniboard and the City of Val-d’Or, it is taking part in the relocation of a sector drainage pipe on Léo-Fournier Street.  The project was complicated by the particular nature of the soil and the requirement to work in the winter months. The new creek and pipe were delivered on April 14, 2023, and Uniboard is already working on the next phase of their major expansion project. The project is scheduled for completion in late summer 2023.

The CDIVD alro proceeds with preparatory works of Fernand Cossette Street (Plan and estimate) as well as the construction of this one.  Work is scheduled for autumn 2024 or spring 2025.

It will proceed with the construction of municipal utilities infrastructures to provide service to the southern sector of 3rd Avenue at the eastern entrance of Val-d’Or.  Work is scheduled to begin in autumn 2023.

It also participates in the process of expanding the urban perimeter east of Val-d’Or to develop fifty-two (52) new industrial sites.  We hope to have our applications approved by fall 2023, so that we can plan work on the future rue Armant-Brassard for spring 2025.