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Meet with Yves Boucher, director

Mr. Boucher is native from Val-d’Or and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UQAT.

Developing new markets, address needs, and find solutions to problems related to the transportation of goods and supply comes to him naturally.


He has been sitting on the board of the Corporation de développement industriel de Val-d’Or since 2004.


His involvement began when Transport Morneau established a point of service in Val-d’Or.  He participated in the projet and that’s when he met Jean-Yves Poitras (industrial commissioner) and became aware of the CDIVD’s involvement and their support for the said project.

It is with great pride that he later participated in the Nordic Mining Transit Centre project.  According to Mr. Boucher, his involvement was largely due to his expertise in logistics which contributed to the realization of the project.  He mentions that the vision of the CDIVD made it easy to support the project to provide the region with an infrastructure that is now essential to its development.

Yves believes that the Northern Mining Transit Centre has allowed us to weather several “storms”, most recently the COVID-19.  The Val-d’Or regional airport has survived in part, thanks to the CTMN.  Many local companies have joined CTMN to supply large northern mining projects such as Agnico Eagle and Canadian Royalties.

After several years of service on the Board of the CDIVD, Yves is still on the lookout for new opportunities, and it is obvious that the transportation and supply sectors are in his sights.

What does the future hold for Mr. Boucher?

NOVINOR Innovation is a new project that will pursue the development of Val-d’Or’s northern logistics expertise and I am on the lookout for anything that concerns supply methods and their controls.  We are currently talking about the development of truck platooning tools, and it is to our credit that we are actively participating in this process.”

After over 18 years on the CDIVD Board of Directors, Mr. Boucher believes that at some point one must think of making room for newcomers.  However, the organization’s list of short-term projects is of his interest, and we are grateful for that.

Mr. Boucher has extensive experience in transportation logistics. This experience and an impressive analytical mind make him a relevant and essential resource person on our Board of Directors


-Jean-Yves Poitras, industrial commissioner