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Major investment for Uniboard and Quebec Gouvernment

On Tuesday, June 21, the Val-d’Or community received the news for the completion of the “Renaissance” project. The third phase of a vast project to upgrade Uniboard’s facilities in the Val-d’Or Industrial Park.

This is a major investment of $250 million, including substantial financial assistance from the Quebec government.

Investing in the future of our companies is an investment in our future quality of life. Not only does this investment ensure direct employment, it also contributes to an entire forest ecosystem, such as sawmills supplying raw materials, forestry companies, transportation companies and an industrial park made up of service companies that are local suppliers.

All members of this ecosystem spend locally, practice and sponsor sports and cultural activities, are members of associations and groups, have residences or dwellings and generate taxes. These taxes provide municipal infrastructure, education, health and other services.

In summary, an investment in a business in the industrial park is an investment in our quality of life. Just like the project’s investors, we come out winners.

Jean-Yves Poitras
Industrial Development Commissioner