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Meet with Jean St-Jules, director

A representative of the City of Val-d’Or on the Board of Directors of the Corporation de développement industriel de Val-d’Or (CDIVD) since the last municipal elections, Mr. St-Jules has made a career in the cultural and educational fields.  He studied music at the École de Musique Vincent d’Indy. He then obtained a bachelor’s degree in performance from the Université de Montréal, a certificate in pedagogy from the Université de Sherbrooke and a master’s degree from the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec.  He was a judge on the pre-selection committee of the Festival de la chanson de Granby and a coordinator at the first national francophone song school in Quebec (1985).  In addition, he received the Prix Hommage from the Gala culturel de la Ville de Val-d’Or for the year 2018.

Photo by Geneviève Lagrois, photographer

He has taught for over 33 years, at all levels, and was a school band director.  During his career, he has also been a Director at the Quebec Conservatory of Music and Drama Network, representing the College of Directors for 9 years.

Mr. St-Jules was the Director of the Conservatoire de musique de Val-d’Or for 15 years.  He oversaw the Conservatory’s expansion project, a project of over $7.8M completed in 2013.

Jean was also an entrepreneur for a few years when he owned the café-boutique Les Arts (1995); an innovative concept that offered vinyl sales, individual music listening and a restaurant.

Jean St-Jules has now been retired for 3 years.  He wants an active retirement, and he has decided to start a new adventure as a City Councillor in District 5 – Vassan / Val-Senneville.  His wishes to participate “in active politics:  to be close to the people and the results”.

He had already heard of the NOVINOR Innovation project, and it is with this in mind that he has shown interest in representing the Val-d’Or City Council on the Board of Directors of the Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation for the past year.  He admits that he is new to this role and that he is in learning mode.  However, his years of management and teaching have allowed him to develop “creative” management skills and his approach to solving challenges.

Jean says, “The economy of knowledge is very exciting, and it is a field of the future.  We are currently undergoing transformations that are leading us towards energy transformation, economic transformation as well; we are talking about a green economy.  We must get involved in this economy of knowledge now to help us through this period of change.”

He adds that the CDIVD’s Board of Directors is made of a wide variety of individuals with diverse interests and talents, men and women who are gifted in their respective fields and that such diversity is an asset.

Mr. St-Jules believes that our local industrial and economic development can only be achieved through the CDIVD. History has proven that the local economy based on and dependent on natural resources is also a victim of the economic cycle of these natural resources.  Economic success comes to those who know how to diversify their economy.  The research and development sector, the manufacturing sector, the 3rd transformation sector bring all at once the diversification of the local population: their interests, their talents, their cultures what enriches the community and the human activity.

According to Jean Art is similar to management because we create, and we launch projects.”

He adds that once Johann Sebastian Bach said:  Music is not complicated, one must only do the right thing, at the right time.”

Jean-Yves Poitras welcomes the presence of Mr. St-Jules within the CDIVD.

Mr. St-Jules’ experience is an asset for our organization. He brings a new and refreshing vision “outside the box”, a vision that gives different perspectives.