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Meet with Antoine Nolet-Godbout, director

A young member of the Board of Directors of the Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation (CDIVD), Me Antoine Nolet-Godbout is a lawyer by profession.  He graduated from Laval University Law School and was admitted to the Bar in November 2014.  Since then, he has been practicing business law at the Cliche law firm in Val-d’Or.


Me. Nolet-Godbout enjoys developing relationships of trust and privileged bonds with his clients.  For some of them, Antoine becomes a strategic partner and contributes to the legal aspect of the client’s businesses.

Antoine has been involved in his community for many years.  The notion of volunteering is part of his DNA and was instilled in him by his parents throughout his youth.

He was part of the FRIMAT team (Festival de la relève indépendante musicale de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue) for 7 years, including 5 years as president.

Antoine is a musician at heart! Music is one of his main hobbies and he wanted to give back to this small community.


He has also been a director of the Val-d’Or Optimist Club for over 5 years and of the CDIVD for 2 years.

Antoine knew about the CDIVD long before getting involved.  He had heard of some of the projects in which the CDIVD had participated.

It is during family dinners that Me. Nolet-Godbout discusses past projects and challenges with Mr. Armand Brassard;  one of the founders of the CDIVD.

One could say that Antoine is a family successor because it is these very discussions that triggered his interest in contributing to the development of the city of Val-d’Or by bringing his ideas, his thoughts, and his professional expertise to the board.

As he became more interested, he discovered that the organization was involved on a larger scale and that it was the instigator of several industrial and economic development projects in the City of Val-d’Or.

Antoine sees these as viable long-term projects for his hometown.  According to him, industrial development is only the façade of local expertise that can be exported both nationally and internationally.

It is with great pride that he disseminates to his entourage the innovative projects initiated by the CDIVD.   In his eyes, the public has a vested interest in knowing about its major projects and the importance of the CDIVD’s involvement in their realization.

He adds that the NOVINOR Innovation project is one that drives his passion for the development of Val-d’Or, that it will serve as a springboard for local companies wishing to accelerate the advancement of their technological progress as well as to bring to light the recognition of local expertise and talent.

Jean-Yves Poitras is delighted with the presence of Me Nolet-Godbout.

The contribution of young actors such as Antoine reassures us about the future of our organizations. A calm and thoughtful person, Antoine represents a quiet force that we like to rely on.