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La Corpo 4.0

The Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation is known as “La Corpo”. Most of the people close to the organization use this diminutive in their conversations, this one being said more swiftly. Simplicity and promptness are the operational order of the day for La Corpo.


Historically the organization consisted of 15 board members, an executive committee, ± six thematic committees. Each one met on a monthly basis, producing six different minutes of meeting, which made the organization quite bureaucratic. At one point, we realized that “the organization was not created to talk, but to get things done”.

With the objective of developing the community, the organization went from working in consensus to working in addition. Addition means making the most of everyone’s talents and assets. This approach aims to support the administration with simple, quick and efficient actions that will have been reflected upon, presented and analyzed individually or in groups according to the expertise of each person prior to being submitted to the Board of Directors.


The organization operates as a ” unit ” based on the ethics and trust of each individual towards the group and vice versa. This ” unit ” grows through successes and failures and gradually builds a reputation that creates an aura around it. The strength of the group and its synchronicity prepares the organization for great challenges.

The challenges of the 21st century have changed a lot. Workforce, housing, childcare, immigration, quality of life, environment, global economy, communication, collective wealth, social acceptability, training, innovation and global expertise are issues that are becoming more and more inseparable from industrial development and need to be addressed globally in different measures.

Modern industry is now surrounded by success factors that it can no longer brush aside. These are now easily analyzed indicators of sustainability.

If La Corpo wishes to pursue its mission and objectives, it must address all of these factors either on its own or by creating strategic partnerships. While maintaining its industrial development objectives, it must work on various success factors for its organization, its businesses and its community.

It must avoid working in silos and work in a collaborative, broad and relevant manner.

Today, Corpo is made up of a Board of Directors composed of seven directors. It has four branches. It has developed a fast and efficient decision-making process. It is visionary and avant-garde. It is close to companies and major economic players.

Corpo 4.0 remains an organization that grows and evolves thanks to solid, competent, complementary and visionary administrators who are not afraid of change.

  • Jean-Yves Poitras, industrial commissionner