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On October 18, Ms. Cindy Valence, Head of Sustainable Development, announced that Sayona had entrusted Solurail Logistique Inc. of Val-d’Or with the transshipment and shipping of lithium concentrate by rail.

As the demand for lithium grows throughout North America, Solurail Logistics Inc. will be responsible for shipping Sayona’s products to Quebec, Canada or elsewhere. Their state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as their ability to carry out large-scale operations in complete safety, make them the partner of choice for these operations.

To read Sayona Press release Here

Mr. Benjamin Alexandre, President of Solurail

« On behalf of the entire Solurail team, we are greatful for the opportunity. It is a privilege to participate in the development of the lithium industry in Quebec and we are all very proud of it! »


Solurail’s location – in Abitibi in northwestern Quebec – is strategic: it allows our customers to easily ship their merchandise to several locations in Canada, Quebec and North America, and to save on transportation costs.

The CDIVD is pleased with each of the partnerships established on its territory.

The importance of the contribution of local companies in natural resource extraction projects (mining and forestry) is essential to their influence and to the recognition of their unique expertise in the NORTH.

Trust in local businesses is a good example of a company (Sayonna) that values its presence in the region. Congratulations to Solurail for successfully negotiating with Sayonna.


Jean-Yves Poitras,

Industrial Commissioner