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Recognition for Etienne Létourneau, president ex-officio

We wish to acknowledge the passing of Mr. Etienne Létourneau as President of the Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation. Mr. Létourneau completed his term as president at the annual general meeting held on last June 21st.

Being president of an organization represents an important gift to oneself. This responsibility implies being available, listening, analyzing and understanding the organization and those who work for it. It also is about sharing a vision, objectives and strategic actions. It means assuming leadership in a team effort where everyone must work as one, for one result: the growth of the organization and its community.

Mr. Létourneau has carried out this role of captain of the vessel, ensuring that everyone can participate in achieving results. He knew how to stay the course and how to navigate through change.

Thank you Etienne, for all your work.

Thank you Etienne, for your presence.

Thank you Etienne, for your support.

We wish to benefit from your experience for a long time to come,

Jean-Yves Poitras,

Commissaire au développement industriel