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Introduction to the Val-D’Or Industrial Development Corporation

The Corporation de développement industriel de Val-d’Or (CDIVD) is a non-profit organization derived from the Val-d’Or business community.

It has two main objectives :

  1. The growth of Parc industriel et le Parc aéroportuaire de Val-d’Or;
  2. Support companies in their operational and development issues.


The Val-d’Or Industrial Development Corporation manages and develops an industrial park with over 200 businesses as well as real estate in the airport sector.

It also manages an entity in residential real estate development and the development of an airport park.

It acts as a real estate developer and project manager by developing infrastructures for the installation of new businesses.

The CDIVD capitalizes on the development of extra-regional and international networks of contacts to position Val-d’Or as a land of hospitality for new projects and initiatives. It remains on the lookout for any business opportunity with a long-term impact on the Val-d’Or economy

Furthermore, the CDIVD creates synergy with other economic development organizations in Val-d’Or and the region, demonstrates its leadership in structuring projects and assists in the consolidation of existing businesses on its territory.

Finally, the Corporation gives birth and/or growth to any project having a structuring economic character on the Val-d’Or territory.

The CDIVD addresses the needs of entrepreneurs who wish to expand their facilities:

With premises or production infrastructures better adapted to growth needs or the development of new markets.

With public services of better capacity or adapted to the stakes.

With a supply of land better adapted to needs.

With a business networks.

Through interventions with the various levels of government.

By sharing a broad network of contacts.

The CDIVD assumes a leadership role in various collective projects and challenges by sharing information, by setting up visions, by seeking support for common objectives and related strategies.

As a partner and accomplice of the companies in its territory, the CDIVD has allowed companies such as Brandt, CMac-Thyssen, Sandvic, Services miniers nord-ouest, Construction KG2, Construction Tremnor, Brasserie le Prospecteur, Machines Roger to reach their objectives and to grow in the Val-d’Or industrial park and airport.

In 2022 & 2023, the CDIVD will still have several land development projects for resale to businesses as well as new innovative projects for its business community and its region.

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