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Interview with Jean-Yves Poitras about NOVINOR Innovation

We are pleased to share the interview of Mr. Jean-Yves Poitras that appears in the February-March edition of the magazine Industrie & Commerce.

The journalist Pierre-Olivier Poulin met with Mr. Poitras to discuss the progress of the NOVINOR Innovation project.

With time and the development of such an ecosystem, the goal is to bring together the skills and issues of the forestry and mining industries. If the two largest sectors of activity in Abitibi-Témiscamingue share many similarities, sectorizing them would have compromised certain regional issues. In fact, a collaborative research approach would lead the participating companies to elevate themselves further.



People wanted to do research, but only to monopolize a product or a technology. They hoped to spend years with that intellectual property and gain a competitive advantage. Today, technology is evolving so quickly. You can be locked into your discovery, but in the very short term, you may be overtaken by someone else,” analyzes Jean-Yves Poitras

We invite you to read the article (in French) HERE

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